Do I Need a Workers' Comp Lawyer for my Salt Lake City Case?

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Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were recently injured or acquired an illness while at your job in Taylorsville or Salt Lake City, Utah, chances are you have a long road of legal issues and insurance claims to sort out ahead of you. Should you find yourself in such a situation, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and to talk to an attorney from the very start to ensure that the workers' compensation process goes smoothly and successfully. This is especially true if your injury or illness requires surgery or will impede you from returning to work, be it at your current employer or a new employer. But a workers compensation attorney does much more than navigate claims for injured workers. Read on to learn about the not-so-obvious reasons to hire a workers compensation attorney.

To verify that you’re receiving the benefits you should be

If you’ve been injured or have acquired an illness from work, you might have already negotiated compensation with your employer and an insurance company. Legal matters, however, are very complicated, and it is possible that you are being short-changed by the insurance company involved. You might not be receiving ample weekly wage or health care after the incident. A good workers compensation attorney has an experienced background in assessing the ranges in which various cases or settled, as well as a knowledge of how the case settlement process works. He or she can help navigate you through the process and ensure that you are receiving the full range of benefits that you are entitled to under workers' compensation, from weekly wage to job retainment and home modifications.

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You were denied coverage

Perhaps you were denied medical benefits or a permanent partial disability award that you and your doctor believe you would be qualified to receive. These are good times to check with an attorney to see if your case is one that you need to pursue.

You feel that your rights are being violated

Are you being forced to work against the guidance issued by your doctor? Or were you told that you could not file a worker's compensation claim because of a pre-existing condition? These are examples of situations that might involve a violation of your rights that are protected under workers' compensation laws.

It’s a smart investment

Most worker's compensation attorneys work on contingent fees by only charging fees if a case results in a settlement or award, and even then the cap will settle at around 25 percent or so depending on the amount awarded. This means that hiring a workers compensation attorney is a low-risk investment.

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