Workers' Compensation Attorney in Taylorsville and Salt Lake City, Utah

Workers comp


Legal Representation for Injured Employees

Ben Davis Law PLLC in Taylorsville, Utah is comprised of Utah labor law experts and serves the greater Salt Lake City area communities. We specialize in helping injured workers understand and protect their rights. Our Salt Lake City office is conveniently located to help workers file claims with the Utah Labor Commission to obtain benefits denied by employers and workers compensation insurance carriers. Our attorneys have experience handling workers compensation cases and will work hard to secure all the benefits you are entitled to by law.

Free Consultation and Basic Advice for those who live and work in Salt Lake City

Our firm offers free telephone consultations to those who would like to discuss potential claims. We can also offer basic advice for protecting your rights and how to obtain other benefits available under the workers' compensation laws of Utah. Our consultation also includes a review of documents or medical records to determine the status of your workers' compensation claim.


Injured at Work?


Salt Lake City Social Security/ Disability Claims

If you are disabled by a work injury in the Salt Lake Valley, or the surrounding areas of Utah: you may also be entitled to workers compensation “Permanent Total Disability” benefits. Our labor legal specialists are workers comp experts with years of experience in such cases. We will help you obtain benefits you need to help support yourself and your family. Additionally, you may be entitled to Social Security Benefits. While our firm doesn’t represent clients in obtaining Social Security Disability, we can assist individuals with finding competent legal help.

Salt Lake City Accidental Injury and Third Party Claims

If you have suffered an accidental injury in Salt Lake City or in the Salt Lake Valley or throughout Utah we can also help you pursue damages from those who are at fault in causing your injuries. Sometimes when a person is injured at work it is due to the fault of a third party who is not an employer or co-employee. In these cases– in addition to pursuing workers compensation benefits from the employer– you may have a claim for damages against the third party. You will need the expert legal advice our firm can provide to sort this out and pursue both claims.

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