Winter Workplace Safety Tips

A black pickup truck plows snow into a big pile.Although people at work can get hurt at any time, any personal injuries occur during the winter season, when the elements are at their most destructive. Not only do the wet and frozen precipitation lead to slips and falls, as well as intense driving hazards, but the cold weather can also give our bodies trouble when we are required to do physical activity. This makes winter the most dangerous time for workplace accidents, for this reason, it’s incredibly important to try and have a safe, sustainable work environment during the months of the winter season. Here are some tips to have a safe winter workplace…

Keep walkways unfrozen

One of the most common ways that people end up hurting themselves in their day-to-day lives is by falling to the ground. While these falls can happen at any time, they occur in the winter more so than any other time of the year. This makes sense, as the ice on the ground during the winter season can easily make people lose their balance. For any work site, it is incredibly important to make sure that all of the walkways that get used remain unfrozen, as it could save people from getting hurt, as well as save a company from an expensive lawsuit. To do this, make sure that you have rock salt and kitty litter available on the site whenever the cold season starts to begin.

Warm up vehicles before driving

Not only are people more prone to injuries during the winter time, but vehicles also work less efficiently during the winter, and break down far more often. This can lead to drivers getting stranded on the roadside in the snow, which is bad for both business efficiency and employee health. In order to prevent this, allow the car to warm up for 10-15 minutes before driving anywhere, especially if the engine hasn’t been started in several hours. This moves everything around internally and lets the driver know that the car is operating healthily. On top of that, the driver should be warming up before driving, as cold, numb hands can have an adverse effect on motor skills

Warm up before doing strenuous work

During the colder months, physical activity can be a little riskier than it is during the rest of the year. The cold causes your muscles to contract, which means that they are more prone to injury when you put stress on them. At work, before doing any strenuous work activity, make sure to stretch and warm up, so that your muscles are more limber and ready for action.

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