5 Workplace Hazards to Watch Out for

When you think of the typical office, you don’t think of it as a dangerous location.  However, with over 1.1 million injuries in the workplace per year, it’s a bit more dangerous than you would think.  Knowledge is the best way to protect yourself from workplace hazards, as is just being aware.  Below are five common hazards in the workplace that you should look out for.  


The number one hazard in the office is power cords that are scattered around the workplace. If you have to run cords across the floor, make sure that they are protected and keep you and your coworkers safe.   If you are only putting the cords down for a moment, place duct tape over them to prevent tripping.  If they will be there for quite some time, put cable protectors on the ground to cover the cables.  For cords and cables under the desk, get cable managers to keep the cables tucked away and out of harm’s way.  

Open Drawers

Another common hazard is the open drawer.  If you are not paying attention, you can trip and fall over or bang into open drawers.  Opening a full top drawer can also call the entire cabinet to fall over, potentially crushing you.  Make sure that you keep drawers closed and pay attention while walking through the office to make sure that you don’t bump into anything.  

Ergonomic Injuries

Every day, workers are at their desks, potentially getting injured by incorrectly using monitors, keyboards, chairs, etc.  To keep yourself injury-free, you should maintain a relaxed, neutral posture, with the keyboard forming a 90-degree angle with the body, your feet resting on the ground.  If you feel pain, fatigue, or numbness, you should get that looked at right away because it could be the start of a more serious problem.  

Poor Ventilation

Copy rooms tend to have poor air quality and can cause serious health and respiratory problems.  Poor ventilation can also be a problem on the main floor due to overcrowding, water damage, too much humidity, or poor housekeeping.  Keeping things well ventilated can prevent infections, illnesses, and respiratory irritants.  

Shared Office Items

Shared office items such as scissors, paper cutters, kitchen utensils, etc. can host all sorts of bacteria and viruses.  Make sure that these items are sanitized regularly, especially after a sick coworker uses them.  Restrooms and breakrooms should also be kept neat and tidy to prevent bacteria from spreading.  

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