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Our firm has years of experience as a specialist representing people that were unfortunate enough to receive harm while on the job. Most lawyers avoid handling workers’ compensation cases due to the complexity of their filings, the state laws, and proceedings at the Utah Labor Commission (ULC). However, our attorney has the expertise and understanding of the ULC, with its locations in Salt Lake City and St. George. This extensive experience allows us to service injury cases and protect your rights as an employee.

Q & A

Get relevant and insightful answers to your questions from experts who know how to navigate the legal system. Our attorney handled work injury cases in hearings at the ULC Northern Division located in Salt Lake City along with many other filings and proceedings in the Southern division of the ULC located in St. George.  Our lawyer can help you get started on potential claims.

Legal Team

You’ll work with our experienced team of lawyers who seek compensation for employees throughout the state that feel they didn’t get a fair shake. Ben Davis Law PLLC maintains an impressive success rate by staying in touch with our clients and carefully vetting the details of their cases. Our experienced lawyers have had success settling cases out of court, thus saving our clients time and helping them to get back to a regular lifestyle. When insult is added to injury: we fight on your behalf.

worker compensation attorney booksOur Attorney’s Legal Expertise

Ben Davis Law PLLC is the Salt Lake City, Utah firm of choice if you’re an employee that had an injury at your company. Our lawyer’s specialty is workers’ compensation law and dealing with the most complex cases therein, representing employees that have experienced an injury or trauma at their job. You’ll recognize that our lawyers genuinely care about employees, and our team has the expertise to deal with “big corporations” and their powerful workers’ compensation insurance carriers. Please contact our law firm to discuss with us how best to protect your rights and preserve your benefits.

If your workplace is in the Salt Lake City metro area of Utah or anywhere in the Uintah Basin or Cache County, and you have sustained an injury while at work, please call Ben Davis Law PLLC today. Our friendly lawyers are available to help you take the first steps toward understanding and protecting your rights under workers’ compensation law. When you call our staff, you’ll receive impeccable service from the finest professionals in the industry. While our lawyer specialize in workers’ compensation law and representing those involved in an accident or trauma at their business, we may also be able to help you with a personal injury situation or a social security disability case.

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